Yoga burn

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Yoga is actually a sport of the body and mind. The benefits of yoga not only help the body stay fresher and fitter, it can also help manage stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a fully downloadable, digital body shaping program for women that is always available at your fingertips through any mobile device, desktop, or laptop.
What makes Yoga Burn so unique and effective is its strategic 3-phase approach to natural and healthy weight loss that specifically addresses the needs and challenges faced by everyday women when it comes to losing weight, shaping their body and feel safe.

The yoga burn program teaches you how to perform each movement correctly and then continues to adapt and increase the challenge at the precise moment your body begins to get used to the routine. This forces your body to change and adapt, which in turn, helps build a well-shaped, feminine body that not only looks better but feels better too. 

The unique 3-phase program guides you through a series of different videos that are presented in a way that will keep your body and mind guessing to make sure you don’t get bored or stagnant. Each video is 45 minutes long and can be done anytime, anywhere. You are encouraged to complete three 45-minute videos a week, with the option to complete an additional video lesson provided. 

It is highly recommended to include the bonus video if you can find the time, as the bonus video focuses on increasing your emotional well-being, self-confidence, and overall happiness. I’m sure you’ll agree that confidence and happiness are two of the sexiest and most attractive attributes a woman can possess. Find out more about the 3 Phase Yoga Burn program below.

1. Foundational Flow

This phase is called fundamental flow because that is exactly what we will be building: a solid foundation of yoga. The first four weeks are designed to teach you the basics of solid yoga practice, and of course, start building long, lean muscles while having fun! Beginning and advanced yoga students alike can and will benefit from this unique set of sequences. You’ll learn how to run proper form and build a strong “mind-body” connection so you can use the muscles you need once we move on to the more challenging videos.

2. Transitional Flow

Phase 2 is dedicated to teaching you how to combine the movements that we learned in Phase 1 into a smooth flow that will allow you to burn more calories and increase your heart rate. Each video in this phase focuses on large muscle groups. The 3 exercise videos are upper body, lower body, and core. We will work on our transitions from one pose to the next. Learning to match poses feels really good and allows you to focus on the present moment instead of giving your mind time to wander … it’s like a moving meditation!

3. Mastery Flow

Get ready to give the girls a boost! It’s time to combine everything we’ve learned from the last 2 phases into a fiery sequence that will kick-start your metabolism and transform your body in ways you never imagined possible with yogaAdditionally, you will be guided through a combination of compound upper and lower body movements. These are designed to get the most out of it in the shortest amount of time, and the muscles we’re going to target will help give your body that sexy hourglass shape.

This is mainly for beginners who find it difficult to understand or do the basic poses of yoga at first. This video runs for around 45 minutes and moves at a slower pace.