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Which mattress is good for back pain in India? | 2023 Expert Guide!

A pocket spring mattress, a cold foam mattress, or a memory foam mattress? But you can also opt for an inner suspension. There are many options in the mattress world, but which one is best for you? 

The best mattress for you can be difficult to find, but it is certainly there. But how do you find the best mattress?

Often people consult the consumer association to see which mattress would be the best. The consumer association compares mattresses, but mainly (for 60%) looks at the price. 

The best mattress for back problems is a combination of the right support and perfect lying comfort. We advise people with back problems to opt for a pressure-reducing mattress.

You can choose a latex mattress or a pressure-reducing memory foam mattress. With these mattresses, the body is optimally supported.

Of course, with these mattresses, there are also different options in terms of the firmness of the mattress. Your physique and sleeping position plays a role in this.

Which type of mattress is right for me?

Choosing the right mattress can be a difficult task. There are many options and everyone has their own sleep profile and preferences. But it’s actually not all that difficult. 

There are only four different mattress types, two of which fall off immediately if you are looking for a good mattress. The four types are Latex rubber, Memory foam, Coir, and Spring mattress. 

Best mattress

The two mattress types that do not offer really good ergonomics are Polyether mattresses and Innerspring mattresses. You can also immediately cross off latex if you get hot quickly. Latex rubber is the warmest type of mattress. Then there are actually only Cold Foam, Memory Foam, and Pocket mattresses left.

Specific mattress types

Latex mattress: Latex mattresses are the most durable mattresses. They do not last the longest (±8 years), but are made of the most natural material and generally require the least amount of chemical treatments.

They feel like foam mattresses, but provide even more cooling, because natural materials can regulate heat well. It’s also quieter than other mattresses and your partner will barely notice if you move around a lot at night.

Pocket Spring Mattress: These mattresses are best for back and stomach sleepers. They give slightly harder support so that you are not completely bent if you are a stomach sleeper.

It ventilates better through the space within the mattress (good for night sweats) and it sags less in the long run.

If you are a restless sleeper, you will wake up less at night, because a pocket spring mattress adapts more quickly to your new sleeping position.

Memory foam mattress: if you like the mattress to “cuddle” you, this is ideal. In memory foam, you sink completely, which gives a lot of relief. It is the favorite for people with chronic pain.

It barely moves and also makes almost no sound. It is ideal for side sleepers. However, if you are a hot sleeper or have overweight body weight, we do not recommend memory foam.

Coir Mattress: The Coir mattress is made from coconut waste and it is totally natural process.

The most important criteria for finding the right mattress

The right firmness of the mattress and the right temperature is the most important criteria for finding a well-fitting mattress. It is best to start by looking at which type of mattress suits you best. 

If that is cold foam, for example, then you can see which firmness best suits your height and weight. Also, include your personal preference. 

And if you sleep on your stomach, always choose a slightly firmer model than you need in terms of weight and length.

You can check the best budget mattresses.

Trial period with a money-back guarantee

One of the most important aspects of finding the right mattress is a trial period. With a trial period in a bed shop, the chance of success is very small. You can compare it with buying a bicycle. 

You go to the bike shop and look at the bike, you sit on it, but you don’t ride it. Likewise with a mattress. You lie on it, but you don’t actually sleep on it. 

Real test sleep and then also several nights tell the story. It is therefore very important that you opt for a trial period with a money-back guarantee. 

Only then does it become really important for your bed supplier that the mattress you choose really suits you. So always opt for a trial period with a money-back guarantee. Good luck!

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